What or who exactly is Doctor Noise?  Doctor Noise is a solo project that started in 2005 when Bill Martin’s band came to a close.  He tried like mad to find new reliable musicians to start new projects with, but, always seemed to come up empty handed or with only half a band.  When it seemed like there was no chance of creating a new music project Bill took the idea of creating music into his own hands and started Doctor Noise.  The initial idea, aside from simply making music, was to learn.  To learn how to be better at all the instruments as a solo artist and also to learn how to record, produce, and master music without the help of others.

The result, in 2006, was a very obviously first time ever done all by himself release called Bittersweet Reality.  What it may have lacked bittersweetin quality, though, it still had a lot of heart and was an exciting process.

At the later months of 2006 Bill moved to Las Vegas to join his friend’s in a new band project that would be known as Hang ’em High.  The previous project, known then as The F-Ups, saw some pretty decent success that was sadly very short lived.  With the new project coming together, The Doctor Noise music came almost to a hault.  However, about this same time, Bill started utilizing YouTube as a source of posting cover songs and
hangemhigheventually originals.  These were the very very early days of YouTube.  Only a year past its inception, Bill had no idea what subscribers were, so he never really utilized the power YouTube already had even in the beginning.

In 2008 Hang ’em High was reaching its end and Bill had started making friends on YouTube.  After making a song for The Vlogbrothers (John & Hank Green) along with being invited to perform the song on their first tour at a couple dates, John & Hank encouraged Bill to start making videos (music or vlog) on a regular basis and in later 2008 Bill did just that.  As time passed, many new friends were made.  One notable being that of Alan Lastufka.

Around the midpoint of 2009 Bill was offered to release his first EP by Alan Lastufka & Hank Green through their brand new record CD100_outlabel known as DFTBA Records.  The CD was well received by the Doctor Noise audience and produced one of Doctor Noise’s more popular videos, Sub-Reality.

2010 saw the next DFTBA release of Doctor Noise’s first full length album since 2006.  The CD was called Short Stories and again several very exciting videos came about from songs on the album (Doctor Vs. Master, Hopeless, Crazy Town, etc.).

CD100_out2011 had a small new release known as FAWM or Flying Arabian Wicked Moose.  This was a 6 track Digital only EP, also on DFTBA, which was the result of the FAWM (February Album Writer’s Month) challenge to write 14 songs in 28 days.  Bill… didn’t quite make the goal, but hey!  6 isn’t bad.  2011 also marked the point where Doctor Noise was no longer a solo project on the live stage.  3 band members joined Bill to create a live show like it was meant to be seen and heard.  Joe Golemb on bass, Jeremy Gehler on Guitar, and Jon Kussow on drums… shortly after joining Jeremy had to move away for schooling in California and had his place taken over by long time friend and former band member to Bill, Tim Budziszewski.  Joe, Tim, Bill, and Jon remain the current members of the band.

In 2012 Bill greatly slowed down his uploads to YouTube as the general feel of the community slowly shifted.  While video uploads slowed, however, they did not stop.  In 2012 the release of The Nerdfighter Anthem went over very well with the Nerdfighter Community and would eventually see album release in 2015.

In 2015 the most recent album release would be made in mid JulyShadows Cover with the album Shadows.  Shadows is the first album where all 4 band members are actively apart of the recording and writing process and it really shines through.  There’s upsides to doing your own music from start to finish, but after a while a solo artist really needs the input of other musicians who are amazing at their craft.  The result is a new, yet still very Doctor Noise sounding, band with hopefully a long future to come.

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