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Suffer – Acoustic Cover

This is a song by some friends of mine who live here in Madison called Not Dead Yet.  Doctor Noise originally recorded the cover as a full band big song for a CD released here called Local Love Fest where bands from Madison cover bands they like from Madison.  Anyways, I decided to re-imagine the song.  Dumped the drums, dumped the guitars, kept the bass, recorded acoustic guitars, and played a tambourine.  All the vocals are also the original recording.  Anyways, hope you enjoy!  I’ll post it in the music section as well if you’d like to download a copy for yourself.  Or… or you could just download it by CLICKING HERE!  Magical!

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Disguise (Acoustic Original)

Latest song update is an acoustic version of Disguise which is from the latest album “Shadows” which you can still get here for absolutely free as well as 3 other albums (yes, it’s 4 total free albums from here at the website).  Be sure to grab yourself a copy of anything you might not already own!

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On Our Own (Acoustic)

CD Download  links are in the post just below this one!

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Four Absolutely Free Doctor Noise Albums!

Download Complete Albums! For Free!  Yea, Really!

All 3 albums are now available for free.  If you find yourself on this page you’ll also find there’s a 4th album for free.  Booyah for hunting!  Enjoy.  Each download is high quality.

Shadows (2015)
Flying Arabian Wicked Moose (2011)
Short Stories (2010)
Silent Echoes (2009)

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Upcoming Video for Arthuriana (Acoustic)

A video for Arthuriana is coming up and instead of being the album version it will be an acoustic version we recorded over this past week.  It turned out very nice and I’m looking forward to cutting the video for it together.  If you happened across this update pre-video and you’d like to hear the song early you can!  Just click below on the media player doohickey.  And, if you’d like a copy, it’s free!  Head on over to the Free Music! link up above. :)

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