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Disguise (Acoustic Original)

Latest song update is an acoustic version of Disguise which is from the latest album “Shadows” which you can still get here for absolutely free as well as 3 other albums (yes, it’s 4 total free albums from here at the website).  Be sure to grab yourself a copy of anything you might not already own!

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On Our Own (Acoustic)

CD Download  links are in the post just below this one!

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Crazy Town LIVE @ a rad Surprise B-Day Party

Last weekend, our drummer Jon’s brothers girlfriend had a birthday.  So Matt (Jon’s brother) asked us to play some tunes at her surprise birthday party.  And then we did!  It was a lot of fun.  I meant to have one of the newer songs recorded but forgot to record anything at all until the show was about over.  Oh, well.  Crazy Town it is!

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Arthuriana (Acoustic) Music Video

Finished product!  Get a copy of this song for FREE now in the Free Music! section up above here. :)

Also be sure to check out the creators of this song, our local friends, Sunspot at their website

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Monday (Kickin’ Flamingos)

So the Kickin’ Flamingos is a new project that I (Bill) will be taking part in with my old friend and former bandmate, Danny Kane.  Plans are moving slow on this front simply due to other projects.  Specifically for having to record a full length CD, prep merchandise, and play a CD release show.  Now that things have settled there’s time!  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more Flamingo action in the near future!

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We Are Young (Featuring Katherine Green)

Now this was a project.  Trying to do a bunch of things I’ve never really tried before.  By the end of the whole project I had learned a lot about editing a bunch of stuff with green screens.  Found out on Day 1 that…hey… if you plan to shoot with a green screen…camera stays on Tripod. lol.  Anyways this project was super fun and I’m really happy with how it turned out.  Thanks mucho to Katherine for being apart of it and of course all of my friends and bandmates all over Madison.  Such a cool project.  Can’t wait to do the next one which will, hopefully, be taking place on a cartoon train. :)

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Doctor Noise – The Game!

Say, remember the Doctor Noise video game?   Well, there may be another one in the works.  But the project will be no less than 4 times bigger (because there’ll be 4 playable characters).  Needless to say, it’s an exciting project we will soon be moving into the stage of storyboarding… deciding who gets what story… and just how it’ll all fit together in the end.  Should be a fun fun time…cept editing… screw that step!

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