Free Music!


In this section you will find all the music I have released for FREE!  This includes covers of youtubers, covers of non youtubers, and of course all my original songs as well.  Each is sectioned out below in 3 sections.

Download Complete Albums! For Free!  Yea, Really!

All 3 albums are now available for free.  If you find yourself on this page you’ll also find there’s a 4th album for free.  Booyah for hunting!  Enjoy.  Each download is high quality.

Shadows (2015)
Flying Arabian Wicked Moose (2011)
Short Stories (2010)
Silent Echoes (2009)

Download Everything!

Download Everything – (last updated on July 31st, 2015) – To hell with picking and choosing songs below?  Wanna get em all at onces?  This is your link!  Everything below is in this ZIP file.

Original Songs from Official Album Releases

Arthuriana (Acoustic)From “Shadows” (non-album version)
 – From the 2015 Release “Shadows”
What Comes Next – From the 2015 Release “Shadows”
Little Soldier – From the 2009 Release “Silent Echoes”
Sub-Reality – From the 2009 Release “Silent Echoes”
Sentiments – From the 2010 Release “Short Stories”
Searchlight – From the 2010 Release “Short Stories”
The Last Donut – From the 2011 Release “FAWM”

Original Songs NOT From Official Album Releases

Nerdfighter til The End (2007) – Gift to the Vlogbrothers.
Regret (2008)
– Demo Recording later on “Silent Echoes”
Rock Band Revolution (2008)
– YouTube song!
The Tetris Piece (2008)
– Hank Green collaboration
Daydreamer (2008)
– New recording of the 2006 release
Greed (2008)
 – New Recording of the 2006 release
The Tom Milsom Song – A song I wrote about Tom in 2010

Cover Songs (of YouTube and non-YouTube Artists)

SufferNot Dead Yet (acoustic cover) **
Exterminate Regenerate
– Chameleon Circuit Cover
– Alan Lastufka cover
Fuck Her Gently
– Tenacious D cover
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer 
– A classic!
I’ll Catch You
– Get Up Kids Cover
Mad World
– Tears For Fears Cover
Mr. Nerimon
– Kristina Horner Cover
– Paul Turner Cover
Sorry About That
– Alkaline Trio Cover
Stockholm Syndrome
– MUSE Cover
Summer of 09
– ALL CAPS Cover
The Leaving Song (Part 1)
 – AFI Cover
Thousand Hours
– Alex Day Cover
Tropical Island
– Adventure Time Cover!
We Are Going To Be Friends
– White Stripes Cover
We Are Young (Feat. Katherine Green)
– Fun! Cover
– Rufus Wainwright Cover
Charles in Charge
– TV Show Theme w/ Tim
– Kickin’ Flamingos covering The Living End
Across The Universe
– The Beatles Cover
– Alan Lastufka Cover
Cocaine Blues
– Johnny Cash Cover
– Radiohead Cover
 – Eddplant Cover

** – denotes a song not currently included in the full download of freebies.  So, if you want it…get it separately. :)

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